About Biogents

"How does a mosquito find its host? And what can you do about it?"

Answering these seemingly simple questions was the work of Dr. Martin Geier and some of his collegues at the Institute of Zoology at the University of Regensburg in Germany. More than twelve years were put into the analysis of the composition of scents and odours that were attractive to mosquitoes and finding the key factors that influence the behaviour of these important disease vectors. The primary motivation behind this research was the application of the results: to develop better methods to control mosquitoes in an intelligent, environmentally safe and targeted manner. In 2002, Dr. Geier and his collegue Dr. Andreas Rose founded Biogents.

Today, Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research with an excellent reputation. The company is home to eight permanent staff members and is composed of two business units that complement each other: the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps and a contract research and development sector in the field of mosquito repellents and related products.

Reserach and development remains a strong point of the company: Biogents' scientists continue to develop and refine the expertise and the products the company offers.

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