BG-CO2 Booster US (CO2 upgrade set)

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Attention: Do NOT use this version of the pressure regulator (available since April 2017) with the former blue/red sinter plugs, since they are already in the inside of the pressure regulator!

EU flag The EU version of the BG-CO2 Booster can be found here (product no. 10068) >

US flag The BG-CO2 Booster releases pure CO2 from an emitter nozzle. The pressure of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission can be adjusted to the local and seasonal mosquito situation with the specialized pressure reducing regulator. Flow restriction tubes are not needed with this regulator. We recommend a flow rate of 0.5 kg/day (red marker on the display of the pressure regulator) for normal and high mosquito nuisance, and for low mosquito nuisance a flow rate of 0.2 kg/day (blue marker on the display of the pressure regulator).

In order to supply the trap with the carbon dioxide (CO2) attractant, a commercially available CO2 gas cylinder with six or more kilograms is required. The gas bottles are not included in the contents. The bottles can be acquired or rented at drink retailers or bottle depots for a deposit.

The BG-Booster comes complete with 1 CO2 tube (5 m), 1 Biogents CO2 emitter nozzle and 1 pressure reducer with pressure gauge. The pressure reducing regulator has the connection thread CGA320.

The pressure reducer follows the technical standards valid in the United States of America. Should you want to use the trap in Europe, please order product number 10068.

Manual for the BG-CO2 Booster